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Case Study

GB Trading Group

Branding - Website

GB Trading group Branding and Website Development

Client: GB Trading Group

Industry: Diverse Portfolio of Brands

Problem Statement:

GB Trading Group, a company owning a multitude of brands across various industries, needed a unifying brand logo and a streamlined one-page website to present their corporate identity effectively. The client sought to showcase their brand portfolio in a cohesive and professional manner while maintaining individual brand distinctions.

The Objective

Brand Logo Design: Create a versatile and visually appealing brand logo that represents GB Trading Group’s corporate identity while allowing flexibility for individual brand representation.

One-Page Website Design: Develop a one-page website that succinctly presents GB Trading Group’s brand portfolio, highlights key information, and directs visitors to individual brand websites for more detailed information.

Logo Design

Research and Discovery:

Conducted research on GB Trading Group’s diverse brand portfolio and corporate values.

Held discussions with the client to understand their vision for the logo and how it should represent the group.

Concept Development:

Developed several logo concepts that embodied versatility, unity, and distinction.

Explored various design elements and colour schemes that could be adapted to different brand identities.

Design Iterations:

Presented multiple logo iterations to the client for feedback.

Incorporated client feedback to refine and narrow down the logo concepts.

Design Iterations:

Selected the most suitable logo concept that effectively represented GB Trading Group’s corporate identity.

Finalised the logo design, ensuring it could be easily adapted for individual brand representation.

Website Design & Development

Information Gathering:

Collected all relevant information about GBtrading Group and its portfolio of brands, including brand names, descriptions, and website links.

Wireframing and Prototyping:

Created wireframes and prototypes to plan the layout and structure of the one-page website.

Designed a user-friendly navigation system to allow visitors to explore individual brands with ease

Visual Design:

Designed a visually appealing and cohesive website layout using the selected brand logo.

Incorporated a color scheme that complemented the logo and maintained brand consistency.

Content Creation:

Crafted concise and engaging content to introduce GBtrading Group and each of its brands.

Ensured that all information was presented clearly and concisely.


Built the one-page website using responsive web design techniques to ensure optimal viewing on various devices.

Implemented interactive elements such as smooth scrolling and hover effects to enhance user experience.


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